Sibling Seductions


Directed By: Jacky St. James

Sibling Seductions


Production year:2016

Description:A little persuasion goes a long way when four sisters can´t get what they desire- their stepbrothers. Karla has it bad for her stepbrother, Tyler, only there´s one problem: his girlfriend, Cassidy. Cassidy´s got him so whipped and Karla´s so fed up with Cassidy´s controlling ways that she sets out to sabotage Tyler´s relationship. When her efforts succeed she´s left wondering if he will see her as a potential love interest or fight to win Cassidy back. Logan´s longtime girlfriend, Elsa, has given him everything he could possibly want- except sex and now he´s at his wits end. His seductive stepsister, Aidra, has offered to help "give him a hand." But when Logan does the unthinkable, he´s left wondering whether Elsa was right to hold off her virginity for a dirtbag like him, or is she holding out for someone a little closer to home?

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