Stranger Sex In A Berlin Club!

Posted on: November 17, 2017

 Welcome new Guest Director Goodyn Green to the XConfessions series, and back to Lust Cinema! Her film The Toilet Line is released today, and it tells the story of two strangers meeting in a club and having sex in toilet, featuring two up and coming performers from the alternative, queer, feminist porn scene in Berlin, and their chemistry and rough, hot sex is so damn sexy you're going to lose your mind!

You can watch it now on Lust Cinema!

I couldn’t contain myself. When one of the toilets was free, I pushed her inside and I yanked off her panties and began to eat her pussy. I ached just to touch her pussy, soft and shaved like a girl. As I licked those already wet lips, I thrust my hand into my skirt to relieve myself… There I was: kneeling with my face between her legs, not letting a drop of her juices escape me. I no longer just licked, I devoured that pussy which surrendered obediently to my mouth, while those cherry-colored shoes shone mockingly and proudly under my body.

From the confession The Toilet Line by sandrabrava on

Have you ever been in a club and spotted someone on the dancefloor? Spent the night wondering what would have happened if you'd approached them and said hi? In Goodyn Green's The Toilet Line, two people feel a sexual chemistry between them and head to the bathroom at the same time. As they stand in the toilet queue they eye each other, and you can see them giving the nod and smile to one another, consenting to grab each other and fuck, right then and there, in the toilet. And damn, it's hot when they do! Luckily they're equipped with safe sex toys and gloves, so they can totally let themselves go wild.

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