Stay Up All Night To Get Lucky With Mickey Mod!

Posted on: October 2, 2017

Welcome to the radio show that brings you a lot more than you'd expect... the show's hostess brings together a group of people who explore their sexual fantasies through a card game of chance. Every scene and adventure is instigated by pulling a card from the deck and falling into a world of pleasure and adventure. Each card has a task on in - such as "seduce a stranger". There's a whole world of emotion, pleasure and exploration waiting when you turn your fantasy into a reality!

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Sometimes a risk is worth it, and sometimes it's not, but that's just The Luck of the Draw! But don't worry we can tell you right now that this is not a risk, and you are absolutely going to love it. Set in the windy, foggy, sunny and wonderful city of San Francisco, one of my all time favourite performers and Directors, the gorgeous and incredibly talented Mickey Mod has directed this feature length film, and it does not disappoint! Whether it's a delicious threesome between a woman and a lesbian couple she meets at a bar, or a couple at home having an argument that soon turns into make-up sex, this beautifully diverse film is a must watch!

The Luck of the Draw opens with a couple who are in a monogamous relationship. They are married, and they are young, and they've kind of gotten into a routine. They need to spice things up a little bit. So they devise a plan to play a game with these playing cards that have different tasks on them. Mickey goes to a conference and meets a stranger and before hooking up with her he calls his wife, giving her a heads up and letter her know that he's going to sleep with her. It's so unbelievably rare to see anything like this in adult film and it's fantastic to watch such an honest account of an marriage opening up, and how sexy and fulfilling it can be for both of those in the relationship. The rest of the film follows along the same theme, where Mickey has deftly tackled the emotional complexities of sexuality and desire, whilst giving us some seriously hot sex. So what are you waiting for?  

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