Spying On The Tenants, In Jacky St James´ The Voyeur!

Posted on: August 18, 2017

A lonely man without any real connection to the outside world finds comfort in watching his tenants through a surveillance camera set up in his home. Sucked in by the passion, intrigue and heartbreak of other people's lives, the lines between what is real and what is experienced quickly gets blurred when he begins falling for an unsuspecting tenant.   

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Jacky St. James never fails to amaze! This time she's taken a little inspiration from American Beauty, with a handsome voyeur watching the ordinary lives of people. However, this is Jacky, and of course there's going to be loads of incredible sex too! What we love about Jacky at Lust Cinema is that she always manages to represent interesting female sexuality. Not the stereotypical clichés you see in most mainstream porn! Plus, she manages to keep the sex scenes totally smokin' hot!

After the naughty voyeuristic landlord's favourite tenants move out, he has to find new people to move in. Luckily for him, a cute and interesting lesbian couple move in and proceed to have incredible, romantic sex! But soon one of them begins to get bored of being in a lesbian relationship, and she decides to invite a man into the mix. As the man gets more and more of a frequent visitor, until he seems to essentially living there, our rejected heroine starts to talk to the security cameras around the house, hoping that the landlord is watching her. Luckily for her, he is...

Watch it now on Lust Cinema!

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