Romance And Intense Pleasure In The New Erika Lust Release!

Posted on: September 22, 2017

Are you ready for that Hollywood sex you've been dreaming about?! Like that scene in The Notebook, "It's still not over!" with the rain pouring down, and the passion and the romance, the feeling in your stomach of overwhelming desire and the tingling sensation in your muscles when you want to just grab the nearest warm body and screw until you go blind? Yeah, Erika Lust's latest release is that good.

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It is then that I will climb the tall red stairs to the terrace. The drains in the terrace are clogged with the remnants of the old moss dried in the summer. There is a thin film of water below my feet and I take off my dress and lay down, my bare back and bottom touching the still warm water (the rain still trying to cool the cement floor) and the uneven ground. Bullets of rain fall on my face, my neck, my arms, the arches of my feet, my nipples, my body and I am instantly aroused by the smarting dull pain. I feel like someone is on me (man, woman who cares?) kissing, nipping, nibbling every inch of my nakedness. The rain pounds and pours harder and harder- as I feel incapacitated by the rising pleasure in me. The thunder beats and shudders and I feel incapacitated by its pressure. My eyes, nose, ears all throb simultaneously as I come with such fury that I feel utterly spent. The rain still falls relentlessly. After a while I get up and put on my dress. I circle the terrace kicking the waterlogged zones, frolicking and absolutely sated.  From FOTOS confession Pouring pleasure in a concrete cityscape

As the thunder rains down, Lina watches the beautiful drops of water and desire wells up inside her. She imagines herself outside, with a man. The hot tropical drops of water hit their bare skin, and they are overcome with a passion that envelops them. Although a simple concept, Lina and Ramon have energetic, erotic and fiercely passionate sex that we think you'll rarely see in the mainstream! And sometimes you don't need a whole movie plot, y'know? 

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