Jane Austin Porn Is Here!

Posted on: October 6, 2017

Erika Lust's prolific XConfessions series has a new pair of Guest Directors - and this time they've tackled that prolific fantasy of many women (and men!): the raunchy period drama! Downtown Abbey lovers cover your eyes, because this is about to get fiery, and filthy!

I’ve always been obsessed with erotic novels based in old centuries. Thinking about those hot male characters, all rude and wild... Gallivanting around the countryside on horseback, in the tight trousers you can see their delicious bulge through. Or fighting in a civil war, and returning home bruised and bloodied, in desperate need of the comfort of a woman's embrace. Every time I read one of my favourite novels I am overcome with a deep desire to enter into the world of the book. I want an old-fashioned, raunchy love affair! I want to taste and touch the main character in my novel, whose skin would be softer than any I'd felt before, arms stronger, kisses deeper. To be swept along in a classical, fantastical situation like that... a fantasy that I just can't have in the 21st Century!

Carolina and Nuria have perfectly captured that animalistic raunchiness that is so prevalent in the Mills and Boone type novels. The romance, the passion, the undeniable desire that the characters leap upon. As they make love by a smouldering fire, our performers tease each other and lick and kiss with gentle caresses, until they are both so aroused that they leap upon each other like wild animals!

Monica is reading one of her favourite raunchy novels when she falls asleep. She wakes up in a world totally different to her own - the world of her book. Running through the pouring rain, she comes upon a house. Parker opens the door to find her soaking wet and cold, and invites her in for some strong alcohol and a warm blanket. But this old-fashioned man is short on common courtesy, and he swiftly presses her barely covered body up against the wall in an animalistic desire to take her. Our modern woman takes control, looking at him with a deep desire and asking him to remove his clothes.    Even if you never thought you'd enjoy a film inspired by Jane Austin, you are going to love this. It's explicit, hot sex that will not disappoint. 

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