Jacky St James Gets Taboo With Sibling Seductions!

Posted on: February 16, 2018

We just can’t get enough of Jacky St James! And this time she’s bringing you a film full of taboos that is going to make you feel very, very naughty for enjoying! If you’re not related by blood, what’s the problem, right? Introducing to Lust Cinema, Sibling Seductions!

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Karla has a thing for her step-brother Tyler, but there’s one problem. His annoying, clingy girlfriend who is constantly all over him. Karla decides that she has to break them up, so that she can have Tyler all for herself. But will it work?

Elsa is a virgin, and her longterm boyfriend Logan is getting impatient. Is she really not ready yet for sex – or is it simply that she doesn’t want to have sex with him? Turns out she’s into someone else – her stepbrother. And Logan finally manages to get laid, but with the worst person of all – his sister!

Although some people may think it’s “wrong” for step-siblings to have sex, here at Lust Cinema we think it’s important that we don’t shame ourselves or each other for our sexual desires. This is just a fantasy, a story – they aren’t really siblings! The healthiest way that we can start to understand our own sexualities is to indulge in learning about other people’s desires and fantasies. And this film is a classic Jacky St James – well directed, with great and (almost) believable plot and most of all some incredibly arousing sex. What are you waiting for?!?

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