Bad Boy Ramon Nomar Gets Abducted!

Posted on: December 1, 2017

 Ramon Nomar and Katana – what an insanely hot couple! This film has a perfect twist, the massive rugby player boyfriend wanting to be dominated by his lithe and petite girlfriend. We don't want to give anything away, but we can assure you that this scene is totally consensual! And all the sexier for it!

We open on Katana on the phone, she's organising something. It's like some kind of 90s gangster thriller, but this time, there's gonna be some super hot sex and the woman is in charge! A van drives up, and Ramon Nomar is in the back, tied up and gagged. What could she want with him? For him to satisfy her until she's screaming, that's what. And who better to do this, but Nomar?

You really get to see a different side to Nomar when he works with Erika, you really see the sensitive, loving side of him come out - and it's incredibly sexy to see him let his guard down. This doesn’t stop him being an absolute beast when it comes to the sex though! Fortunately, this is what Katana and the scene needed – she’s a dominating force who is pushing him to push her harder and harder to her limits. It’s the most gymnastic, athletic sex we've seen from XC, and it's so hot! 

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