Murielle Scherre


A native of Ghent, Belgium, Murielle Scherre graduated with a degree in fashion design in 1998, then went on to found her fresh, erotic lingerie line, La Fille d´O, in 2003. Her debut in the adult film industry was as co-director with Jennifer Lyon Bell on the film, Skin. Like. Sun., which won the 2010 Feminist Porn Award for Best Direction. In the same year, Scherre directed her own solo project, J´Fais du Porno et J´aime ça.

What makes her films unique is her very newness at making them. She lets her senses guide the direction, letting situations unfold in a very fluid, naturalistic approach. Non-staged, done in single takes, Scherre creates something as intimate and evocative and spontaneous as sex itself.

Both her films and lingerie reflect Scherre´s inspiration by the body itself - refined, sensitive, intelligent, supportive and stunning. She maintains that the transition into film was easy for her after using so much imagery to represent her lingerie products. "I´m in love with imagery," Scherre says, "It´s like being able to share dreams."

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