Lucie Blush


Description: Hey everybody, I´m Lucie Blush, I´m a 27-year-old Frenchie porn writer, curator and filmmaker.

A year ago I started writing the blog - which, I´m happy to say, won the award for Honourable Site at the Feminist Porn Awards - and after a few months, I shot and produced my first porn film, Alice Inside. I liked it and the feedback was incredible so I decided to make more films and I opened, the home for my films, photos, and erotica.

I´m not a "sexpert", as they say, I´m just a girl trying to make quality content that will stimulate myself and, I hope, others.

I think it´s important to provide the world with more independent, original and arousing porn so that more people, and especially women, might take pleasure in it.

I go crazy for cat and dog videos, horror films and androgynous men.


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