Two Women, One Sofa, A World Of Possibilities!

Posted on: April 28, 2017

Verso Cinema are back to Lust Cinema with incredible female director, Julia McDonell, for an indulgent and irresistible night on the couch, with two of the most desirable women you know, Ena Sweet and Sicilia Stone.  

We recently released Milk on Lust Cinema, a spicy sex scene for those who love Verso Cinema's stylish aesthetic, real sex and real pleasure. And this release is another shiny, sexy example. Julia McDonell has taken a simple and - let's face it, slightly overdone - scene and and given it the anticipation, heat and electricity of a real, honest, sexual experience. Verso are known for casting incredible performers and pairing them to create as much chemistry as possible. Here we see Ena and Sicilia practically exploding with excitement with long, lustful looks and the desire to touch, kiss and play. This isn't your typical girl-on-girl scene, these women are attentive and elegant. Their tempo is relaxed, calm and intimate, paying attention to every tiny detail in an tender and responsive expression of lust.

This isn't Julia's first example of taking the simple ideas of mainstream practice to sensual new heights. Her back catalogue predominantly portrays completely unique and new twists, new levels of sensory exploration and performers who know and understand how to explore real pleasure. They discover and illuminate varied sexuality without having to delve into anything hardcore or fetish. Her stories are affectionate and loving, perfect for couples or those who prefer to engage more with the trust and intimacy of couple scenes.

This short is sure to excite your senses and desires. It's playful - with lots of coy smiles, giggles, caresses and toy play - as well as intensely alluring and seductive.   

So what are you waiting for? Watch it now on Lust Cinema!

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