Try Something New With Jacky St. James

Posted on: April 13, 2017

New Sensations and Jacky St. James are back to Lust Cinema with yet another example of their widely popular and imaginative feminist adult films! This one comes complete with everything a sex positive and adventurous couple needs to know. Watch the trailer on Lust Cinema now!

Jacky's featured several times in Lust Cinema already, proving massively exciting for couples, with her films based around keeping relationships and marriages alive for both straight and lesbian couples. Here St. James focuses on the real issues facing heterosexual partners and some of the intriguing new ways to get out of that rut and explore new sexual possibilities. Yet again, the cast is made up of performers who exude chemistry and can really act the part. Jacky puts a new spin on your typical porn scenarios by giving the female characters control, including lots of familiar dialogue and even a little humour. The men in this feature are literally and figuratively blown away. It just shows what a little ingenuity in the bedroom can do!

This latest addition to the "Tales from the Heart" series explores the behind-closed-doors issues of four couples. Four light-hearted but loving stories of overcoming doubts and opening up through experimentation. Four first times and four incredible, honest and believable sex scenes. Jacky St. James maintains the glossy, luxurious aesthetic of a huge producer but doesn't bridge the gap into mainstream, keeping this feature as smart, fun and passionate as always.

It's hard keeping the lust alive in long term relationships, but Jacky St. James is here to save the day once again. Four couples, four stories of sexual exploration and newly discovered desires. Passions explode when a sexually frustrated bride-to-be asks her fiancé to take her virginity two weeks before their wedding day. A couple on the verge of early nights and low self-esteem embrace the unknown realms of anal satisfaction. A submissive girlfriend takes charge with a surprise display of pure BDSM dominance. And what does our newly married brunette do when she finds her husband watching porn? Buys him better porn, of course. 

This is the perfect inspiration for couples whether they're used to exploring or not. Trying New Things is about getting out of your comfort zone, in a space that feels totally respectful, trusting and sex positive! Jacky St. James portrays sex in a way that's hot, passionate and, most importantly, real. You'll feel right at home watching these strong, active female performers take the lead. And who knows where that will lead you?

You can watch this and more now in Lust Cinema!

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