Team Physio Gets Intimate With The Ultimate Ball Control

Posted on: February 17, 2017

Another sex positive, empowered, female focused film from Joybear! “A team of men all dependent on one woman”…   

Joybear are one of Lust Cinema´s favorites: they often put women behind the camera, as well as empowered, real women in front of the camera. The production house take pride in their interesting, strong and provocative female characters, who they claim would pass the “dinner party test” with their level of charisma and back story. And Ball Control should be no exception! Despite the idea that “football is a man’s world” the female characters range from multilingual science scholars to UN Ambassadors, with natural bodies and real desires in the bedroom!

Ball Control explores the sexual desires of several different women, all in high-powered jobs and seeking dominance in their sex lives as well. There’s a sports physio who in her own words doesn’t only look after the footballers injuries “but also their needs…”. This, of course, leads to one very flustered footballer and a plethora of sexual positions and angles involving sports equipment. Then we have a slightly arrogant and incredibly sexy, first-ever female football manager, the diplomatic-come-executive, the lesbian who wants to steal your job and the stealthy paparazzi in black. 

You can feel how much fun was had on set, especially with the short, personal comments from all the cast at the end of the film. So, what are you waiting for? We release a new film every week on Lust Cinema, so you can watch this now and much more!

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