Spit And Fucking In The Bathroom, Wes Anderson-Style

Posted on: July 28, 2017

Adriana Eskenazi is back for another Guest Directed movie in XConfessions - and this one is gonna blow. Your. Mind! Starring the mysterious (and incredibly hot) Joan Jumel and the incredible performer and gorgeous Canadian Kali Sudhra, this is the coolest Adult film you are going to see all year! It's like a Wes Anderson/Gaspar Noe mash up, but better, and with better sex ;)

Every day, anonymous people submit their sexual confessions and fantasies to XConfessions.com, and a lucky few have their confessions turned into erotic films Produced and/or Directed by the acclaimed award-winning film director Erika Lust, and this is one of them.

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I love my boyfriend, I love fucking him and I am always wet as soon as I see him. But this one thing he does, I don’t feel like I can tell my girlfriends how much it turns me on. When I’m lying on my back, and he’s holding my legs and pushing the end of his dick inside me. He’ll look down, and slowly let a long, wet spit fall out of his mouth and land exactly on my clit. When I feel it dribbling down around my pussy, and sometimes all the way down to my butthole, it fills me with ecstasy. He’s just got such perfect aim! And the fact that he’s perfected this technique with other girls before me? Such a turn-on.   

Confession by proudslut   

A couple are eating dinner in a hip restaurant. They're clearly frustrated, and the conversation turns from bad to worse, until Kali spits right in Joan's face! While she apologises, he leans forward and lets a long dribble of spit land in her food. And although this could turn into a fight, instead the spit arouses them both so much, along with the power play, that they stumble into the corridor of the restaurant and fuck in the bathroom!

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