Girls Night In: A Kaleidoscopic Orgy

Posted on: March 17, 2017

Directors Poppy and Raymondo Sanchez are back to Lust Cinema with another incredible all girls story! If you're in the mood for some more filthy, modern, stylish, lesbian action look no further than Girls Night In. 

After the release of the highly-rated Electrify Me, Lust Cinema is proud to bring you another all female scene from one of our favourite production teams, starring some of the realest and coolest female performers. A group of friends excitedly call each other up for a night at the funfair. With flirtation and fluorescent lights all around, the gang of gal pals dance through the night, picking up some colourful sex toys and slamming some shots of tequila, winding up back at the house for a night of cheeky, filthy, fun. These performers are beautiful, natural, young and super cool! Rather than your typical pert, blonde mainstream lesbian scene performers, you can expect bright orange hair, hipster get-up, real bodies and real flirtation and giggling that will have you squealing as much as them!

Poppy and Raymondo, a fun and dynamic film making duo who go by the name Zure Room or Sour Cream, created a fantastically stimulating scenario in this film. In Girls Night In, we're invited to be part of a super intimate evening among friends. Completely uninhibited or shy around one another, this film is positive vibes only! After getting a little tipsy, the fivesome decide to play a dirty card game, slowly stripping down and admiring, licking and kissing each others half naked bodies. With a lot of giggling and dirty talk, they gradually get more and more filthy, involving strap-ons, butt plugs and other glowing or flashing toys, until they're all completely satisfied and enamored!  

Zure Room take female focused pleasure to a whole new level, by consistently using real, sexy, fun, uninhibited performers who aren't afraid to explore and indulge every part of their desire. Whether or not you enjoy ass play or prefer natural techniques over toys, Girls Night In is super fun to watch and makes you feel sex positive and elated! They combine the ultimate girl on girl fantasies with modern, new erotic styles. Starring Proxy Page, Maria Riot, Dusty Sunshine, Zoe Davis and Lemon Haze.  So what are you waiting for Lusties? Watch this and more now in Lust Cinema!

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