A Passionate, Fierce Sexual Awakening In Erika Lust´s Newest Xconfession

Posted on: February 25, 2017

Erika Lust´s newest film in the XConfessions series was inspired by an Anaïs Nin poem about the monotony and conformity of life, and how to break free from it, through an intense sexual awakening. Some Never Awaken is uninhibited, passionate and primal!

In this film we are treated to a different kind of performance from the incredible Julia Roca, who dances, runs, screams, leaps and exudes passion and energy throughout! Shot in a beautiful old building, in which Julia explores each room and herself, staring lustfully at herself in the mirror or exotically winding down a passageway.

We see her lose all inhibition, before joining Sylvan G in a bright and airy room, were there’s an air of experimentation and new beginnings. These performers have so much chemistry together with sex that is real and electrifying. And the climax… well, you’ll have to watch it and find out.

Sylvan gives an air of awe and submissiveness with Julia, as if he can´t believe his luck and wants to absorb every moment of it. Their chemistry is incredible, but the look on Sylvan’s face screams real lust and real pleasure. He becomes less and less able to hold control and when he finally gives in to the euphoria, wow!

So what are you waiting for? Watch it now on Lust Cinema!

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