2 Women, Multiple Orgasms

Posted on: May 5, 2017

The new XConfessions release is here! And the timing couldn't be more perfect. How better to celebrate International Masturbation Month than with a female feast of sex toys, sex chats and a Multiorgasmic Brunch? You can watch the trailer on Lust Cinema now.

Join four lustful ladies for a sex positive brunch, where they discuss that all important question: how to achieve the infamous multi-orgasm! Erika Lust invited YouTubers Come Curious to meet with performers Rina Ellis and Luna Corazon, over a delicious banquet of sweet pastries and sex toys, where they talked about their first experiences of masturbation, first orgasms, habits, likes and dislikes, and the hot topic de jour, can you have multiple orgasms? But of course, the only way to know for sure is through good old fashioned sex! Luna and Rina take to the bedroom for a mind blowing demonstration of real intimacy and pleasure.

 After some steamy breakfast conversation, Rina and Luna take us to the bedroom and bare all in one of the most natural, intimate and delicate scenes from Erika Lust. Dressed in simple sports underwear, the pair kiss and caress, paying attention to the smallest of details. These girls really know how the body works and how to give the ultimate pleasure. Unglamourized and uninhibited, the star of this short is the attentiveness Rina and Luna give each other. They experiment and explore with various toys including the Doxy and the Womanizer, reaching incredible new heights of sexual pleasure and a powerful scene which gets closer and more personal that anything Erika's shot before.

Female fun has never looked as enticing as when these two reach multiple climaxes together. This is the realest kind of pleasure. The type where you lose control, laugh, scream and can't open your eyes... but don't just believe us, see it for yourself!

Throughout, Rina and Luna are comfortable, communicative and constantly smiling! They clearly have a huge amount of chemistry with each other and not just on a sexual level.  Their appetites are healthy and happy! Lust has managed to capture their excitement, like two kids at Christmas, instead this time the presents are definitely for grown ups.

Rina, Luna and the Come Curious girls really show us how to be sex positive. There are no taboos here. There is no shame in how early you started masturbating, in how often to do it or what turns you on. Actually, when we communicate about our sexuality, we learn things about ourselves that we realize are totally normal and totally hot! This is the secret to the multi-orgasm! Watch it now on Lust Cinema.

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