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Why should I become a member of Lust Cinema?

Since 2010, Lust Cinema has been creating a home for those seeking an alternative to the ugly, boring mainstream porn. We offer a fresh view on sexuality thanks to a catalog handpicked by acclaimed erotic director Erika Lust, featuring the best by indie and feminist filmmakers. New films are released twice per month, and our catalog already boasts over 60 quality productions, including the complete works by Erika Lust. With three memberships options - 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year - Lust Cinema is a great option for women, men and couples looking to explore!

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for Lust Cinema at (, and choose one month, three months or one year of unlimited access. All you need is an email and you can choose between three payment options: credit card, debit card or bank wire.

Can I download the content?

Yes! Nearly all of our films and photosets are available for download. Simply follow the instructions on the film's page under the media player.

How can I find out upcoming releases?

For news on upcoming releases or special offers, subscribe to Erika Lust's monthly newsletter ( or visit the Lust Cinema News page (

What languages are offered?

At the moment, our cinema is English-based. We have some films in their original languages - including Spanish, French, Swedish, and German - offered with English subtitles.

Can I buy DVD versions of the films?

Films featuring the "BUY DVD" button on their page can be purchased in Erika Lust Store (

What will appear on my credit card statement?

It's our aim to keep your private life, well, private! Our discreet billing procedure means that one of these names will appear on your statement when charged for your Lust Cinema membership:

  • - ManicaMedi
  • - Commercegate
  • - EPOCH
  • - Webbilling

How do I cancel membership?

You can cancel your Lust Cinema membership at any time using this form:

Sometimes I get redirected to a company called Manica Media or Stiffia - is this right?

This is our partner in Lust Cinema, so don't worry - you are safe there!

It says my user is blocked. Now what?

If you receive the message that your username has been blocked, it is because the security of your account is in question. The only way to resolve the issue is to contact us. Usernames can be blocked because of several reasons:

  • - You used a proxy to log in to any of our websites
  • - You have been logging into the sites from more than 3 locations
  • - Somebody got a hold of your username and is using it
  • - You shared your login with other people

I can't open a file downloaded from Lust Cinema. What do you recommend?

If you've got problems with downloading the full photosets (Zip) or a film (Mp4), check the following:

  • - Ensure that your file is fully downloaded
  • - We recommend using Winrar to access Zip files, and VLC for movie files.

I'm interested in becoming an affiliate and having a badge on my site. Who do I contact?

If are interested in advertising Lust Cinema on your website or blog, please contact

I know a great film (or made one) that should be on Lust Cinema. Who do I contact about that?

If you know of a great film that you'd like to see on Lust Cinema - or if you made a film yourself - contact

Help - my question wasn't answered / I'm still having problems!

Please contact Manica Media via the "File a Ticket" box on the right.*

* please make sure to provide the same email you used to create your Lust Cinema account, and to ensure that Lust Cinema is included in the subject. This will speed up the process significantly and ensure a rapid response!

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