The Band Directed by Anna Brownfield
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Details: Duration: 90:56
Production year: 2009
Description: A rollicking tale of survival and sexual conquest, Anna Brownfield´s The Band is a fictional look at the lives and lusts of Melbourne´s thriving music scene. The rock group Gutter Filth is moving quickly up the charts and gaining more and more national exposure. Lead singer Jimmy Taranto´s star is also on the rise, and he decides to leave both the band and his girlfriend Candy for a brighter spotlight in the public eye. But when the group decides to hire Candy as their new star, they hit the bumpy road on a tour destined to bring them all stardom and intense sexual encounters. Winner of the "Hottest Feature" prize at the 2010 Feminist Porn Awards, this film is dramatic, gripping, raw and funny, with scenes ranging from deliciously perverted to extremely sensual.

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