Spice Up Your Marriage With Jacky St. James!

Posted on: December 23, 2016

Jacky St. James is the future of ethical adult films, and she is back to Lust Cinema! Spicing Up The Marriage has landed, and it is arguably one of her best films to date.

The film features four purely heterosexual couples - and although you'd expect it to be full of clichés, Jacky makes it feel super fresh, organic and exciting! Plus, the whole film is full to the brim of the joy of sex, rather than robotic, mechanic pumping. Every one of the performers always has a delicious smile across their face. And it's not cheesy - they're sexy and erotic and sensual. The men are equally passionate, rather than being the typical pure "macho" we're so used to seeing in mainstream porn.

Jacky St. James' work is ideal for those looking for some really hot, hard sex - without the misogynistic name-calling and power struggle. Her films are structured around romantic, sensitive stories that catch your attention as well as your desires, and interspersed with this is some seriously intense sex. 

The latest in the "Tales from the Heart" series is Spicing Up The Marriage - four stories, four couples, four tales of sexual (re)discovery, experimentation and liberation!

When work and responsibility begin to pull a young couple apart, good old fashioned love letters serve as the perfect remedy for their dry spell. After dedicating one day a week to satisfying one another, a husband and wife discover that sometimes the hottest sex is the kind you actually planned for. An inhibited woman transforms into an insatiable sex goddess when she allows her husband to photograph erotic nudes of her. Working out becomes the ultimate foreplay after a couple enjoys a steamy encounter at the gym. 

Jacky knows how to communicate good sex in cinema, so you can expect loads of honest and open conversations between the couples – plus some intense foreplay and tons of cunnilingus! Of course, all performed by characters who respect each other and by female characters who are active, strong and with lots of initiative. Just as it should be!   So what are you waiting for?  

You can watch this and more now in Lust Cinema!

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