Find An Orgy On Trip Advisor With Amarna, Mickey, Vex And Owen

Posted on: December 2, 2016

For Erika Lust´s latest release, Sweet But Psycho, she has chosen four of the most popular performers in the alt adult cinema industry. Amarna Miller, Mickey Mod, Vex Ashley and Owen Gray feature in a foursome that is as funny and entertaining as it is sexy.   

Following excellent ratings on the Trip Advisor website, Amarna and Mickey book a room in a guest house in the mountains of Spain. When they arrive however, it appears that they are the only guests in the hotel, along with their attractive yet disconcertingly friendly hosts - Vex and Owen.   

After lightly joking that they probably "kill their guests and bury them in the garden", Mickey and Amarna head down to have an awkward and tension filled lunch with their enigmatic hosts, that after several glasses of wine becomes a cheeky dip in the pool... and you can watch what happens from there!  

Lust captures the strong sexual bond between the four friends, whom all have worked together before and whose chemistry is obvious. The film is filled with laughter, but also an easy-going atmosphere that serves to highlight how comfortable they are with each other. Because of this, it is a truly voyeuristic experience, witnessing real people having real enjoyment and pleasure with each other. A highlight is the ever-alluring Amarna giggling and saying "No, I don´t want to come yet! I want to last longer!" By keeping moments like this in the film, and in fact highlighting them, Lust brings a natural realism and sensuality to a scene that could have seen the two lead men high-fiving each other in more mainstream erotica - but instead, all the performers have equal screen time, seem equally satisfied and all seem to be having an incredible time.  

Warning: watching this could make you green with envy. 

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