Office Power Play In Merger By Spark Erotic

Posted on: November 25, 2016

Merger by the Colorado based production company Spark Erotic slots right into the high-powered, feminist category. The two lead characters indulge in a heated sexual power play that leaves you wondering who is going to come out on top.  

Heidi Cruz is a high-powered business exec who is not afraid to drift off into a fantasy about the sexy man, Angel, sitting at the opposite end of the conference desk - and in her fantasy she remains as confident and dynamic as she is in real life.  

It begins with the two of them getting dressed. We're shown that they are both sexy, both rich, and both oozing confidence and sexuality. The soundtrack is a guitar thumping rock sound, that totally nails the dynamic between the two of them. Heated, passionate, fast-paced and horny as hell! He arrives at her office, and in silence they face off against each other, the sexual tension palpable to everyone in the room. As the meeting begins, Miss. Cruz drifts off into her fantasy, that begins with her grabbing Angel by the tie and pushing him up against a wall. She rips open his shirt and drags him into her bedroom, where he picks her up and she pulls him about by his tie. They have a pillow fight, gorgeously combined with their natural laughter and slow motion shots of feathers falling all around them.   

Heidi's beautiful curvaceous figure combined with Angel's strong arms and intense gaze makes for a truly erotic experience. Their passion and power-play is interlaced by the natural way they touch each other, caress each other. Spark Erotic is a new company, but they clearly have big things coming their way!

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